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By now I assume since you are reading this article you’ve decided to invest in a parrot. However, there are several available options to you. You can actually buy it online. You could go to a local pet store and then buy a parrot but I’d suggest that for the peace of yours of mind you look at a reputable breeder.

Be sure the breeder has raised and sold parrots for a several years. Why? Because that way you will be confident that the breeder has a positive reputation, established over the years.
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There is not a single standard concerning breeding and raising parrots. But, many breeders follow these basic rules. The very first concerns handling the baby parrot after it hatches. It’s critical to have food which is nutritious into the small hatchling instantly. Some breeders feed the hatchlings by hand to insure the parrot ingests the appropriate nutrients.

After the initial feeding the baby parrot must be weaned from that diet and introduced to food that is solid. For a lot of birds this can be very distressing and it is wise to feed it a diet of produce that is fresh, warm soft food and acceptable seed. Usually a young bird will not starve. It will eat when it becomes hungry. If you make an effort to push it to eat it may become stressed and many breeders are able to tell if this is happening.

Another crucial element of breeding will let the small bird spread it wings. This is very natural behavior for most birds parrots or perhaps otherwise. You will find that the most experienced and humane breeders will not clip a baby parrots wings until it has learned this natural skill. The explanation would be that birds that are allowed to learn the skill of flying appear to be better adjusted and socialized. Another words, they are so much better pets and show less negative personality traits. After your parrot has learned this skill it’s OK to clip the birds wings to avoid it from harming your furniture.

A major development skill is having a bath. In the wild most birds enjoy this simple pleasure. If your breeder hasn’t introduced the young parrots to this activity I will question their competence. It’s a hygienic issue for the young parrot and it can impact the mental development of the bird.

Visit your breeder’s aviary. It is an excellent way to get a feeling for the way the breeder conducts the development process for their birds. I’d recommend you do the homework of yours and go to the breeder’s location with a list of questions. Most breeders are proud of the facilities of theirs and welcome any questions prospects have.

Although most breeders don’t have a cash back guarantee I know a few that will take a bird back instead of having the parrot abandoned or even placed in an unsuitable environment. It is worth every penny for the difference in cost to make use of a breeder. It is a surefire way to ensure that the history and background of your potential parrot purchase is found and that information is important to a happy healthy and well-adjusted parrot.

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