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Jiu Jitsu Belts Rankings From White Belt to Red Belt

The ranking system of Jiu Jitsu awards a participant in different colours Jiu Jitsu belts. The colour indicates the levels of technical knowledge and skills of participant skills. Similarly Judo Ranking system but nowadays it holding its own unique features.

Jiu Jitsu Belts Ranking:

White belt: In Bjj the White belt may be the lowest ranking Belt. It is the ranking held by brand new participant to this art and who’s advance in this with this the rank right away come to be Blue Belt. Some expert high level participants and trainers fell the white belt is made for the coaches.

Blue Belt: In Jiu Jistu the Blue belt is definitely the second lowest ranking belt. Blue belt level student must have an extremely technical understanding all the aspects of Jiu Jistu. For Blue belt practitioner has to be 16 years old. Jiu-Jistu based upon grading system how between beginner rank of white belt and based on expert level belt get change.

Purple Belt: In Jiu Jistu the Purple Belt could be the intermediate adult ranking coming after the rank of blue belt and before brown belt. It’s consider to longer held ranks and it is going to take usually at the very least 4-5 years of committed training. It’s need to the student is sixteen years old as well as spent at least 2 years ranked in Blue belt.

Brown Belt: Blown Belt may be the top colour belt rank in Jiu Jitsu. Should be specific training at-least 5-6 years. The pupil needed ought to be eighteen year old and least spent 1.5 twelvemonth ranked as a purple belt.

Black Belt: In Jiu-Jistu the Black belt will be the highest common belt and pro level of practical and technical experience. Must ten years or more 365 days experience of instruction Bjj inside the Jiu Jitsu Gi. The era has to be 19 years and also spent minimum one year of ranked as a brown belt for being eligible to acquire a black belt.

black and Red Belt: Ju Jistu black belt grows to the amount of 7th and 8th, the participant awarding and red and black belt. black and Red belt holders are most and experienced very who have massive impact general art of Jiu-Jistu. Some black-and-red belt holders are Pedro Sauer, Cavalcanti, Mauricio Motta Gomes and Mauricio Robbe who may have all taught with the Jiu Jitsu Gi.
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Red Belt: In Jiu Jitsu, red belt is reserved those whose using the arts of princlipal and having strong degree in art of Jiu Jistu. It’s given in lieu of a 10th and 9th degree black belt like Judo.

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